Flower delivery in Italy

Flower delivery in Italy and in the world

Send flowers abroad
Orders to foreign countries , must be submitted at least one day in advance , to make sure they are delivered to the desired date , for foreign orders is always important to include a telephone number of the recipient local floral homage .
Aliflora will always endeavor to deliver the flowers with orders received the same day. The delivery abroad for the same day can only be guaranteed if the order was sent at least one day in advance or otherwise sent by 12.00 the same day of application delivery, for orders abroad we can guarantee the exact time of delivery.

Optimization of deliveries
Aliflora flowers online, always ensure the delivery of flowers to the day specified by the customer in the purchase order .

With Aliflora you can place orders for flowers and fix the desired delivery date too far in advance of the date of delivery of the flowers.

In some places both in Italy and abroad can not guarantee the exact time of handing over as indicated by the customer, in some cases , you can proceed to telephone the recipient of the homage before delivery, to ensure the delivery flowers can be done by the required date, the order is always important to enter the phone number of the recipient to track it down in the event of incorrect address or non-delivery of the flowers

Conditions for the delivery of flowers
Send flowers to Italy : From Monday to Saturday , orders can be delivered the same day the order.

Send flowers abroad : From Monday to Saturday the flowers can be delivered the same day if the order is carried out is before 12.00 .

For the delivery of flowers abroad , we can not guarantee requests for special deliveries .

Hands over flowers on Sunday, due to the closure of the Sunday many flower shops , deliveries will be made on Saturday afternoon or the following Monday , in many Italian places on Monday morning deliveries can not be made due to the closure of local florists midweek .
Send flowers with destination address or in hard to reach rural area, it is always best to first contact our call center or send an e-mail request " feasibility of delivery " will be contacted as soon as the procedure of your request for delivery particular has been completed and agreed with the florist performer , please take into account the time required to verify the feasibility and availability with the florist partners.

Flower delivery during holidays
For major holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, International Women's Day and so on. We receive many requests for deliveries of flowers , in these cases it is important to make the order well in advance to commit the florist performer . In the holidays with greater demand for flower deliveries at home is difficult to ensure an exact time of delivery. If the day chosen for the delivery of flowers should be festive in the destination country and the local florists are closed, the delivery will be done automatically the day before or the first available date after the holidays.


All regions, all provice and all Italian municipalities are covered in a capillary by our delivery service of flowers in Italy and throughout the world